American Consumer Institute Asks for Action on Cheating

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Last week, efforts to spur action on cheating added a new voice.

The American Consumer Institute, Center for Citizen Research - which describes its mission as to, “promote consumer welfare by improving the understanding and impact that public policies and regulations have on consumers in a free market” - wrote to the Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to ask for action to stop academic cheating. The letter refers to cheating as:

currently threatening the integrity and quality of U.S. education.

It continues:

we are calling on you to work with university administrations to investigate systemic cheating and institute policies and put a stop to online platforms that enable cheating on college campuses.

The letter mentions cheating company Chegg by name as well as EduBirdie and a company called Socratic where, the letter says:

a student can take a photo of their homework or test problem and get the answer and work needed to get there right away


The Institute also set up an academic integrity webpage.

In an interview, Steve Pociask, the author of the letter, said,

This kind of cheating could be a drag on economic outcomes, harm our competitiveness on a global scale.

Again, yup. They get it.

The full article originally appeared on The Cheat Sheet.