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We are maintaining global leadership by preserving academic integrity.

Strengthening education.
confronting academic misconduct.

Our Mission

As consumer advocates, we are fighting to ensure the quality and integrity of higher education is preserved by shining a light on academic misconduct at universities nationwide.


What's Happening

Education is about providing a space to learn, grow, strengthen values and build personal integrity. 

In recent years, cheating and academic dishonesty has become more prevalent at universities nationwide. Even worse, this problem has grown so big that university faculty are ill-equipped to single-handedly address the problem. Honest students must choose between being disadvantaged in the classroom or cheating, and those who choose to cheat do not see consequences for their actions. 

As schools and universities increasingly leverage virtual classrooms, we are seeing a rise in online platforms using this to their advantage and threatening the integrity of an education. 

One company that has grown exponentially in the past few years is Chegg, the $12-billion company that reportedly profits off giving students direct access to tools, where students can receive near-immediate answers to tests, homework and quiz questions, all without repercussions. 

University tuition is one of the most expensive consumer products that people will purchase in their lifetime, and families have a right to expect a quality education with appropriate governance. Real learning cannot take place when cheating is the norm. Colleges and universities should set and maintain the standards for appropriate and ethical behaviors; however, when corporate-funded cheating is rampant, it is challenging for them to enable students to develop ethical standards of behavior.

Solving this problem starts with students, parents, educators and policymakers understanding what is happening. Our mission to work alongside academic faculty to put a stop to this rise in cheating and prioritize academic honesty.

We stand together with families and the education community to ensure that students graduate university with not just a degree – but with strong ethics and values.

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Our Statement of Principles

The following principles are guiding values in everything this project fights for, and we want to work with educators, families and policymakers in upholding these values and holding online platforms accountable.


Academic integrity is a vital component to a  productive, enriching learning environment


Cheating and any other academic malfeasance leads to poorer educational outcomes that will extend well beyond a student’s time in the classroom


It is incumbent upon students, parents, colleges and policymakers to remain vigilant in policing academic misconduct and ensuring all policies are up-to-date with ever-changing technology 


The eroding of a rigorous and honest learning environment will devalue higher education and disadvantage our country's workforce and leadership


Adaptable, flexible education is fundamental to ensuring quality learning for all, and we cannot allow a cheating environment to thrive unchallenged as a result of leveraging online tools


What you can do



Sign our petition to uphold academic integrity and put a stop to cheating on college campuses.